Your Bond Didn’t Pass; What Now?

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There is much to do after a bond is defeated, and Facility Insite can help you every step of the way. 

Your bond didn’t pass. You put together an amazing bond package, backed by solid data and chock full of much-needed updates and additions for your schools. Voting day comes, and the bond is defeated. What do you do now?

Since the shocking results of November 2021’s bond election here in Texas, bonds are no longer a sure shot. We saw only 43% of bonds get passed, many failing that included much-needed new campuses and updates to current facilities. So what should you do when your bond is not passed?

Here are some questions to ask when your bond is defeated and you are looking for ways to move forward.

What happens to the must-do projects?

Your bond most certainly included immediate need projects that will still need to be completed regardless of the bond not passing. How will those projects be paid for? What absolutely needs to be done? Are these items able to be covered by the M&O funds? Figuring out how to fund the immediate needs of the district must be the first consideration after a bond is defeated.

Do you have the ability to show voters the cost increase that will be incurred by postponing the project for a later date?

By “kicking the can down the road,” the costs for the projects wrapped up in the bond package will only increase. Do you have the ability to use the assessments that were done and the packages defeated with contingency rates in order to show voters just what the increase will look like down the line? It’s easy to say that the cost will go up, but being able to present it with hard data in an easy-to-understand setting will help voters understand the reality of the higher costs.

How do you present and house your data?

Where does your data live? How is it presented? Do you have it in some type of software that people can view, or is it in a static PDF? Is it in software that you own and control, or is it in miscellaneous spreadsheets? How people see and interact with your data has a huge impact on how they feel about the bond packages being presented. It is also imperative that you – the district – have ownership and complete control of the software being utilized.

Facility Insite can help you with these challenges after a bond is defeated. We give you the control, the training, and the platform to re-strategize and transform your data into an actionable plan. Your district deserves the best shot at getting your short and long-term goals met, and we can help you achieve that.  Contact us today to schedule a free demo. We look forward to helping your district secure the funds they need to do great things!

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