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As the CEO of your college or university, the buck stops with you.

The Board of Regents holds you responsible for creating a first-rate set of facilities that attract both students and faculty. But providing those facilities — whether through new construction or renovation of existing buildings — carries substantial risk as well. Tens of millions of dollars are at stake, and deadlines are non-negotiable.

No one begins a construction project expecting partnerships to sour, timelines to slip, or costs to skyrocket. But the reality is that those can and do happen . . . all the time. And the consequences can be disastrous for your institution’s image and its bottom-line. Sizable budget overruns can result in cuts to programs or staff to make up the deficit. Lengthy scheduling delays can significantly disrupt campus activities.

Your best defense against those risks is maintaining total visibility from planning to closeout. Owner Insite’s construction project management software ensures that you, not your architect or construction manager or general contractor, stay in complete control.

Maintain global visibility

Owner Insite’s intuitive project rollup gives you a real-time snapshot of the progress on each of your capital projects. Use the master program dashboard to get an immediate real-time, high-level snapshot for all of your construction projects. Or drill down to project-level schedule and budget information for individual facilities.

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Protect your investment

Because you’ll get a digital archive of every project at closeout, all communication logs, contracts, addendums, service agreements, permits, and warranty information are automatically securely stored and safeguarded. In the event of litigation, all your key information is centralized and easily accessible . . . and, most importantly, entirely owned by you. 

Hold stakeholders accountable

Construction industry statistics show that miscommunication and poor project data account for almost 50% of all project rework. Owner Insite’s transparent scheduling and communications tools minimize opportunities for confusion and maximize accountable collaboration. You and your team will always know who is following through on their commitments and who isn’t with our web based project management software.   

Communicate with constituents

You’re continually inundated with questions from board members, high profile alumni, and other key stakeholders. You can’t afford to look like you’re out of the loop, ever. No matter the question, you’ll always be able to find answers in 4 clicks or less on any web-connected device.

Maximize your ROI

Your capital projects are essential to helping you realize your full potential as an institution of higher education. Our goal is to help you achieve your vision as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. We provide unlimited document storage, unlimited users, and unlimited training and support at no extra charge to ensure that your team is always able to get the maximum value from our project management software for the benefit of your entire institution.

Give us just 20 minutes to show you how Owner Insite can help ensure that every construction project is a success for you and your college or university.