Excuse Me While I Brag A Bit

I hope you’ll indulge me a bit while I brag on a couple of things that, as CEO, make me extremely proud.

The first thing is my team. I have one of the most dedicated and focused teams a leader could ever hope for. Their commitment to delivering the very best possible experience to the users of our construction project management software is second to none.

Recently, a client shared with me that one of the main reasons they switched from Procore, a leading industry competitor and a much bigger company, to Owner Insite. They said they could tell right away our approach to building a “true partnership” with them was different. It wasn’t just marketing speak but part of our corporate DNA. They felt that commitment from the first time they called to inquire about our software all the way through to onboarding those first few projects. We were committed to not sell them software but to build a real partnership with them.

They could tell right away that working with us they would be treated differently – not as a number – but as a partner. If and when they had a question we would always be there to answer it.  And, and this is a big one, whenever they called we actually answered the phone! That one made me laugh because who doesn’t answer the phone? Apparently some of our competitors don’t.

Oh, and I almost forgot. We were nice. Every interaction they’ve had with us and they’ve now been a partner with us now for a while, every single interaction was a good one. We were simply friendly people that they enjoyed interacting with.

As I write this, I am smiling ear to ear. You see I have a vision for Owner Insite. We are not just a software company. We are your software company. Whether you are a school district managing bond construction, a commercial real estate developer building a new high-rise or simply a municipality dealing with new construction or renovation projects, we built our software for you. We want every single user on a project to feel as if Owner Insite is their software whether they are paying us for the license or simply an invited contractor, subcontractor, architect or engineer.

Our goal is to make the experience of using Owner Insite not only a good one from a software perspective but a memorable, positive one from an interaction perspective. We want you to love our team because we sure love working with you.

So hence the bragging….

Oh I said there was a couple of things…here’s reason number 2 why I am so darn proud of the company we have built. Hope you’ll take two minutes to watch it. Sorry it’s not Brad Pitt or some other attractive stand-in, it’s just me, telling you why Owner Insite is a “Stupid Simple” software for any team to use on just about any construction project.



Thanks for letting me brag a bit on what we’re doing over here at Owner Insite. As you can tell we’re pretty proud of it.

If you are already working with us…thank you. If you aren’t working with us, why not come see for yourself why so many construction teams depend on Owner Insite to document, track and manage their key construction project data.

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