Securing Your Project’s Closeout and Archive

project closeout checklist

You’ve been through all the ups and downs of your construction project. You’ve made it through setbacks, obstacles, and delays and things are finally complete. You’ve reached the end of the project and it’s now time for the most critical step; the construction project closeout and archive.


A complete and thorough closeout and archive is the most important step to any construction project. The vast quantity of moving parts – legions of subcontractors, endless documents, and countless codes and specifications – all need to come together to prove that the project meets expectations. Gathering all of these parts together is a monumental task, and it’s easy for parts to be overlooked or fall through the cracks. According to a recent survey from Autodesk and Dodge Data & Analytics, 66% of general contractors experience trouble getting off the job on at least a quarter of their projects.  Here are some important steps you can take to ensure the security and completion of your project’s closeout and archive. 

Pick the right tools and people

The most important thing you can do for your construction project is choose software that gives you complete oversight. Owner-focused software puts you in control from the very beginning of the project and allows you to stay on top of all aspects of the project from one place. Using the right software from the beginning of the project will make project closeout that much easier because the work has been done along the way. Having all of your documentation and communication in one place from the start will ensure a smoother running project and a complete project archive.


In addition, you want to work with a construction project manager that provides a complete closeout service as part of their scope of work. They will do what is needed to deliver a complete and thorough archive of the entire project. Having an adept project manager that is familiar with the entire project and knows what is needed to deliver a comprehensive archive will give you peace of mind during the project and at the end. 

Be prepared for delays

Unfortunately, delays are inevitable, especially during closeout. 77% of projects experience schedule overrun of some kind. Long punchlists can slow down the closeout process, especially when it comes to getting subcontractors back to complete repairs. As everyone begins to decamp from the project, it can be hard to schedule workers to return. It’s important to plan for these delays in your timeline to safeguard your project against time overruns.

We created a calculator to help you easily keep track of all overruns.

Provide continuous feedback

While communication is imperative throughout the project, the end is when the need for communication is most critical. Before your subcontractors depart, you need to know that you have all documentation from them regarding the work that was done, any codes and specifications that needed to be met, and all warranty and manual information. Using software that tracks all of this for the owner is incredibly helpful, and will assure that you can correctly communicate your needs. 


There are so many moving parts to a construction project, and all of them need to be finalized and completed during closeout. By starting early, being prepared for delays, staying in communication, and using the right software, you can ensure a timely and successful closeout and archive for your project. Owner Insite can provide the tools you need to ensure total success. Contact us today to schedule a free demo. We look forward to helping make your next project a success!

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