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Safety Inspections

Our Approach with Safety Inspections

Construction safety inspections can be an important and effective way to identify potential hazards. Owner Insite makes them more than just a compliance checkbox, but rather an integral and proactive part of your risk mitigation strategy.

Create safety inspection records and save them to the cloud as part of your permanent project record on the Owner Insite platform. Then easily access them from anywhere, on any web-enabled device — or quickly print copies to store on site to meet local regulations.

Searchable Records

Review any previous inspection on record by searching by inspector or category.

Track Safety Violations

Keep your project in compliance with OSHA requirements to prevent injuries and fines.

Add Supporting Documentation

Upload photos and other supporting files to preserve an accurate historical record.

Owner Insite’s construction safety inspection form mirrors the one OSHA uses for inspections. That ensures that you’re always aware of issues that could result in significant legal liability. And our cloud-based, collaborative platform means that you can instantly communicate with and hold specific stakeholders accountable for resolving those issues, further protecting your investment.

Want to See This Feature in Action?

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