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Safety Inspections

Construction safety inspections are an important and effective way to identify hazards. Using Owner Insite, you can create and save records on the cloud, or even make a printed copy of your records to keep on hand for when you need to fulfill local requirements. 

Whatever your needs, mitigating risk is easy when you have a tool that’s convenient to use.

Safety Inspections Report

Your safety inspections are part of your permanent project record inside Owner Insite. 

  • Print out reports to keep on the job site
  • Review any previous inspection on record
  • Search by inspector
  • Search by category
OSHA Safety Inspection

OSHA and Safety Precautions

Our form allows you to address items from previous reports so that you can record compliance.

Use Owner Insite to track any safety violations. We use a form that mirrors OSHA inspections for any job site so you can always keep your project in compliance with OSHA requirements to prevent injuries and fines. Also, you can add details to your findings by uploading photos or attaching other documents to the construction safety inspection so it’s all connected for perpetuity.

This way, owners will always have historical records of inspections they can easily access in their project archive.