Construction Law – Exciting New Site Showcases Potential Liabilities in Construction

Created To Help Construction Professionals

Owner Insite is excited to announce the launch of our new site called Construction Litigation Hold. This free service was created to help construction professionals. The site makes it easy to seamlessly look up and familiarize yourself with the document retention requirements of your state.

Here’s a question to ponder: In your last five projects would you be able to easily produce documentation if called upon to do so?

If your answer is no, you aren’t alone. Unfortunately, most construction professionals tell us that document tracking, data management, and simple records management is a struggle. Especially after a project has been closed out.

Despite best efforts and intentions, everyone gets busy and people move on from one project to the next. That means organizing the documents from the previous job often gets put off and never done at all.

That could potentially be a liability down the road.

What does the site do for you?

Our site gives a state-by-state breakdown of the legal hold requirement (aka litigation hold) of all parties involved in any type of construction. As a construction professional, regardless of whether you are a Project Manager, Architect, Contractor or Subcontractor, you have a legal obligation to retain certain data. That data must be held for a specific period of time after your work on the project ends. Should a legal claim be filed on that project, you may be required to produce all relevant documentation to support or defend yourself in a lawsuit.

Not having the supporting documentation could spell disaster for you and your company.

With Construction Litigation Hold, you can easily look up your state’s requirements and know your obligations. Hopefully by understanding the requirements of your state your firm can begin formulating a document retention plan for future projects.  Our hope is by understanding your obligations your firm can begin developing a process and approach to stay in compliance from this point forward.

Organization Is Hard

We understand that organizing data during your project and especially at closeout can be a challenge. That is why Owner Insite provides a streamlined approach to organizing, documenting, and tracking all aspects of your project data. Our proven process and approach has been used on thousands of projects by tens of thousands of users around the country. Our software makes tracking all the communication and backup details that might be needed to defend yourself in a legal action seamless and straightforward.

Regardless of what role you play on the construction project, wouldn’t it be nice to have peace of mind that you have a platform that help you stay organized, up-to-date and covers your backside down the road if you need it?

We think so.

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