Intro to Communication Management

Drawing Design Management

Design documents can be uploaded and accessed from anywhere practically eliminated the printing costs associated with sharing project plans with numerous teams. Version control of these digital uploads is just another benefit of using Owner InSite.

Detailed User Permission Settings

Customizable role-based permission settings just make sense. Not everyone who has access to your project needs to see everything. Owner InSite even has a more advanced micro-detailed menu to further determine project access.

Communication Distribution Settings

Our customers can choose who receives email updates about what. For example, maybe only project managers will be in the loop on RFI’s and Field Reports. Or, maybe only internal staff need to know about budget and accounting documents. With Owner InSite, customization is easy!

“Great system, Owner InSite staff is supportive and work extremely well with us to fix any system issue we encounter. The system is very user friendly.”
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See How It Works – Watch Our Demo

Owner InSite communication tools are designed to keep your team in the loop, anytime, anywhere. Share an at-a-glance view of your project with our 1-page scorecard. Schedule efficient and professional meetings with our handy meeting portal. Set up a project email to seamless keep track of outside messages relating to your project. Keep the lines of communication open with Owner InSite.

Communication is key. Keep it simple with Owner InSite.

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Email Integration

Emails you send from your regular email can be easily captured and logged in your Owner InSite projects. Additionally, project architects, engineers, etc., can answer RFI’s, submittals and other key communications directly from their own email accounts without having to log into Owner InSite.


Meeting Minutes

Concise records of your meetings are now at your fingertips and stored as a permanent record with your project. Who attended, what was discussed, what agreed to what, it’s all there – photos and documents can also be uploaded.


High-level Reporting

Customers can create custom reports to send to owners, supervisors, community stakeholders, board of directors, etc., using customizable Scorecard Reports.