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Move from the construction phase  to owner occupancy with ease


At the conclusion of every project there are items that come with standard warranties, supported by either the general contractor or the manufacturer. The problem is, most owners have no idea how to identify what items should be tracked, periodically inspected and of insure the walkaway with the important documentation like data sheets, location and installation information and of course, the operating manuals. It used to be hard to track that information for an owner but now, with Owner Insite, it’s a breeze.


Whether an item is being tracked through warranty or maintenance, wouldn’t it be helpful to know that you have a simple way to report a problem when and if one arises? With Owner Insite’s unique Asset Management, we give the owner the complete control to quickly identify and report issues, alert key members of the staff or an outside vendor to the problem and insure that is followed, tracked and properly managed all the way to conclusion. Impossible? Not anymore with Owner Insite’s Asset Management we take an owner from construction to owner occupancy with the click of a button.

“There are a number of other tools that are available to address maintenance, reliability and repair work execution, but there is not a specific tool designed to aid an owner in managing the operations readiness information, and preparation for managing the life of the asset during a construction project. Owner Insite has developed a system ideally suited for post construction and warranty management.”

Put all your project users on the same page with Owner Insite.

Warranty Tracking Made Easy

The customizable Warranty Log makes it simple to organize, track and view priority asset information based on how each user likes to see it. Whether you want to look for a specific item, equipment type or review the upcoming expirations happening in the next 60 days, Owner Insite’s Warranty Log makes finding and displaying the information you want crazy simple.

Track Critical Data & Dates

With Owner Insite’s Warranty Tracking module owners can insure they receive all critical data related to important warranty items prior to closeout. Equipment location, serial numbers, installation reference material and important dates such as installation date, commissioning date and warranty expiration. And remember those days where you couldn’t find the original paperwork? Those days are gone because with Owner Insite you have one single location to manage all the paperwork and critical documentation in one convenient location.

Track All Paperwork

Owners often get overwhelmed at closeout and don’t necessarily know what they are getting from their contractors and suppliers, especially when it comes to installed assets. Often warranty paperwork, installation details and operating manuals get misplaced or never quite make the transfer to the owner. With Owner Insite’s simple platform every item that has a warranty or maintenance component can easily be tracked, stored and easily referenced in one simple, organized and easily accessible location.

Warranty button being clicked as Owner Insite develops new post construction management tool

Powerful Asset Management

Owner Insite gives owners the powerful capability of tracking all paperwork, warranty events, assets by location, serial number and expiration dates. We have even provided a simple but powerful way to create internal job tickets and tracking for items that require service attention. Never again will owners overpay for service calls for items that are covered under standard warranties from the contractor or from the manufacturer.

Curious How It Works?

Owner Insite makes transitioning from construction to owner-occupancy painless at closeout. Clearly laid out and intuitively designed, Owner Insite’s warranty module makes tracking warranty items from installation to expiration straightforward and simple. Check out our quick overview below!

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