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General Classroom Building, Colorado State University at Pueblo
Colorado State University

Wember won the bid as owner rep for a 40,000 square foot large lecture classroom building on the campus of Colorado State University at Pueblo. Started in August 2013, this two year job held many challenges for the Wember team, including building on an active campus, a tight budget and stringent state oversight. This was the perfect project to test-drive Owner InSite for the very first time.

The General Classroom Building is home to many of the general education 1st and 2nd year departmental courses taken by most students, reinforcing the initial impressions and educational experience of the University. The building was needed on campus to add larger size lecture classrooms. It has a two story atrium that visually connects many of the classrooms and large amounts of natural light into the public spaces. It also incorporates many spaces for study and lounge. The program includes a variety of sizes and types of classrooms designed to encourage an active learning process, as well as faculty and staff support offices and conferencing space for the general educational program delivery. The primary goal of this project was to create a “Great Student Experience” for these new college students.

“Owner Insite was a critical tool for the success of our project by allowing for organized budget keeping that was accessible to the multiple ownership parties at any given time. The instantaneous flow of information kept all parties engaged and comfortable throughout the project.”

— Matt Wilhelm, Project Manager, Wember, Inc.

How We Helped.

With so many different departments, facilities and individuals involved in the project, Wember relied heavily on Owner InSite’s budget function. Seeing up-to-the-minute budget numbers and information was invaluable to their state contacts, who could tie every detail back to the source to satisfy the necessary checks and balances of a state capital construction project. This project held the additional challenge of numerous unforeseen changes—from financial changes to updated reports, change orders and more. Owner InSite simplified the process by organizing and tracking all these changes automatically, allowing the team to print and manage state mandated paperwork in a snap.

How They’re Doing Now.

Construction was complete in July 2015—on time, on budget, just in time for the new school year. Now in the warranty phase, Wember continues to use Owner InSite to track products and suppliers, while continuing to rectifying the budget for state oversight. Close out of the job has proved simpler than ever before, thanks to Owner InSite.

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