Landmark Retail Corp


Company: Landmark Retail Corp.
Little Falls, NJ
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Seafolly Retail Store, Huntington Beach, CA
Seafolly Australia

Landmark Retail Corp. has used Owner InSite on over 25 projects since 2013. So when bathingsuit mega-brand Seafolly Australia hired Landmark as owner rep for construction management of a new U.S. retail location, the Landmark team made sure Owner InSite was on board. Started in February 2016, Seafolly’s new 1,200 square foot retail location in Huntington Beach, CA is located right on the Pacific Coast Highway. This waterfront location has a storefront facing the ocean, presenting environmental challenges such as wind, water and earth tremors.

“Owner Insite is my one stop shop for the lifeline of a retail construction project. Everything I need is right there, 100%.”

— Ricardo Bodden, Sr. Construction Project Manager, Landmark Retail Corp

How We Helped.

One of the unique challenges of the Seafolly project was accommodating an owner-client located halfway around the world. Owner InSite neutralized the logistical challenge of interacting with an international client, allowing the Seafolly team to directly access documents, photos, inspection reports, budgets and monitor daily progress. With the client empowered to answer their own questions with a swipe and a click, pre-dawn phone calls and emails were greatly minimized.

Landmark Retail Corp relied on Owner InSite to handle budgets, accounts payable, receivables, purchase orders, change orders and more. The Landmark team notes Owner InSite makes maintaining field reports a snap—easily itemizing weekly visual uploads of construction progress and sharing these developments with all involved. The team used Owner InSite to manage meetings, including documenting agendas, meeting minutes, and sending invitations.

How They’re Doing Now.

The project is was recently completed. Landmark Retail Corp. used Owner InSite for the final walk-through punch-list, itemizing all those little odds and ends that need to be documented, communicated and completed in the final days prior to opening.

Owner InSite makes close out of the budget easy—giving participants an accurate picture of cost at the end of the project. Forget the last-minute scramble—all the details and numbers are there, ready to be viewed by all involved.

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