Benning Construction


Company: Benning Construction
El Paso, TX
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Wendy’s Restaurant, George Dieter Street
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Benning Construction has used Owner InSite since 2012 to great success on dozens of projects. With the Wendy’s George Dieter Street project Benning’s material procurement manager casts a revealing spotlight on how Owner Insite helped his department keep track of purchase orders, quantities and material details while managing the construction project at large.

“My experience with customer support at Owner-Insite has been exceptional. Overall this has been one of the best project management tools I have seen!”

— Brian Howard, Material Procurement, Benning Construction

How We Helped.

While Owner InSite was utilized on the entire Wendy’s George Dieter Street project, the material procurement applications were especially valuable in helping the team meet franchise standards and exceed owner expectations. Owner InSite helped Benning’s material procurement team streamline the way they keep track of budget, purchase orders and material quantities. Field reports allowed them to view construction progress without actually being on site (or having to take anyone’s word for it).

Scorecard pulled it all together by keeping the owners, architects and contractor teams informed, up-to-date and all on the same page.

How They’re Doing Now.

With the project on the verge of completion, Owner InSite continues to help the material procurement team keep submittals securely saved, organized and all in the same spot. Simply press “print” and hard copies are in hand in an instant. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

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