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Surgery requires an orchestrated approach by every member of the team to communicate effectively, work together and understand their essential role in order to achieve a successful outcome for the patient. Owner Insite approaches healthcare construction in much the same way.

The construction of any medical facility, whether it’s a small doctor’s office renovation or the building of a new hospital system or research campus, there is a coordinated effort among the project team. Owner Insite provides a proven system and platform to track and manage all aspects of the project in a way that everyone on the team understands.

In fact, we very much look at Owner Insite as our operating room – orchestrating and tracking the team efforts to ensure a successful and healthy project outcome.

Owner Insite provides a proven approach to coordinate every aspect of a facilities renovation or new construction in a coordinated, team-specific approach to insure the vital health of a project pre-construction all the way through to closeout. Our software insures a prescriptive, repeatable process that construction professionals can understand and utilize to avoid mistakes, prevent delays, and maintain project financial health.

Whether it’s a small project or a host of large projects happening all at once, Owner Insite is exactly what the doctor ordered. And without the high deductible.

High level visibility provides a real-time pulse on projects' progress
Isolate issues and avoid stakeholder miscommunications before they occur
Ensure transparency on all elements of project data and budget with up-to-the-minute owner-focused dashboards and daily reports
Walk away with the historic data from your project, not just the keys to the facility
Seamlessly transition from construction to occupancy with warranty tracking, asset management and operational effectiveness
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