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Facility Insite

Facility Insite is a cloud-based capital planning software for K-12 school districts and universities. We take the static information that you are use to receiving and make it actionable. For starters one of the biggest items with information comes from your assessments. So you can have assessments captured by your internal or outsourced team. And have all the data that’s completely actionable in a secured environment.

The district has complete control over this data. Now, regardless of turnover you don’t have to worry about someone not having access. 


With Facility Insite, you can escape “spreadsheet purgatory”. Get your team using a process that provides controlled access and logs every change to the data.

When you are using spreadsheets, anything goes. And a change to a formula can wreak havoc with your plan.

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Reporting Data

Updating your audience is quick. Facility Insite makes it easy for you to begin with a high level view and then drill into the detail. So you can  analyze your capital projects expenditure budget with ease.

Our K-12 capital planning software is built with input from school district leaders. As the owner of the data your university or school district has complete control at all times.

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