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Construction contracts are important to track on any construction project. Add any architect, engineer, or contractor contracts and set permissions for visibility. The ability to track these or any contracts is vital to prevent project costs overrun. We created our accounting module to allow for most types of workflow.

Architect contracts

Construction Contract Details

We allow you to to choose from a range of information to associate with your contract:

  • Contract Type
  • Service Type
  • Project Delivery Method

Accounts & Workflows

We allow you to associate an account to a contract so that you track it in your budget.
Create an approver or commenter workflow at the start of any budget or, you can add them as you go.

We stay an arms length from your check writing platform. Our software is used as a checks and balance system. Establish a workflow, so that an Owner or Owners Rep can approve items before the payment. Organizations add their check writer at the end of the workflow so that they know it’s clear to make the payment.

Budget contract tracking is essential for proper financial project oversight. Owners want their project teams to deliver on time and on budget. We equip your team with the tools that provide you the answers you need, deserve, and want from them.

If you want to talk about anything in our accounting module call. 888-336-3393 or reach out to us at Contact Us.