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Communication Management Is Critical To A Project’s Success

Design Management

Design documents can be seamlessly uploaded and accessed from anywhere enabling the  sharing of plans simple and easy for the team. Complete with version control everyone stays informed and up-to-date with Owner Insite with last changes by the Architect to maintain construction document control.

Secured Access

Not everyone who has access to your project needs to see everything. Owner Insite has established workflow and access control to allow each project member to access the areas of the construction data that is important to them.

Custom Communication

Owner Insite is the project team’s communication portal, providing immediate access to RFIs, submittals, issues and budget changes. Project administrators can easily define how each stakeholder receives realtime updates or courtesy copies of key project data.

“This is a great system! Owner Insite has been in use at our district for several years now and has been a really great software for us.  Anytime we have questions or run into an issue their staff is always there to help us without delay. The system is very user friendly, simple for all project stakeholders and gives our team the visibility across all of our construction projects throughout the district.”

See Owner Insite’s Communication Management In Action!

Owner Insite communication tools are designed to keep every member of the construction team in the loop, anytime, anywhere. Share an at-a-glance view of your project with our simple one-page scorecard. Schedule efficient and professional meetings with our handy meeting portal. Leverage our unique custom project email address to make it easy for your team to seamlessly forward and historically preserve emails received outside of Owner Insite to maintain complete construction document control. Learn why Owner Insite is the #1 choice for facilitating, documenting and historically preserving all essential project communication happening on a construction project and what it can do for your team on it’s next project!

Communication is key. Keep it simple with Owner InSite.

Email Integration

There are no special requirements by your IT Department to integrate your email for use with Owner Insite. All communications seamlessly flow from your project to your email allowing for quick review and response to RFIs, Submittals, Issues and Punchlist Assignments.

Even regular email correspondence a user receives outside of Owner Insite can be easily captured and preserved in the project record by simply forwarding these communications directly to your project’s own unique email address.

Meeting Minutes

Concise records of your meetings are now at your fingertips and stored as a permanent record with your project. Who attended, what was discussed, what agreed to what, it’s all there – photos and documents can also be uploaded.

High-level Reporting

Customers can create custom reports to send to owners, supervisors, community stakeholders, board of directors, etc., using customizable Scorecard Reports.

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