Blue Lynk Integration

Owner Insite is proud to announce a new partnership with Blue Lynk. This partnership is a game changer for teams in the construction space, providing the best medium for efficient and effective management of digital construction documentation and project data.

Digital Document Control

Blue Lynk is a digital document control service company helping to empower construction teams to keep their electronic construction documentation up to date. This is done by continuously integrating and cross-hyperlinking ASIs, RFIs, Addendums, Redlines, Page Change Outs, Specs, and even more.

Updating Services

Additionally, this integration helps users create and maintain an ongoing stamped drawing revision history which contains all superseded documents in a PDF, as well as an itemized tracking sheet that shows the work performed on your project documents with complete transparency. Some of the services offered are initial document management and hyperlinking, as well as Blue Lynk’s digital closeout packages.

With initial document management and hyperlinking, teams will be able to hyperlink all submittals, RFIs, and ASIs. You’ll have seamless control over project documentation, breaking apart PDF documents into organized disciplines. This also allows for you to link sheet details for a more in depth view of the referenced details on other pages, as well as linking

Digital Closeout

Finally, the digital closeout package feature alone will be your company’s differentiator against your competitors. All Contracts, Certifications and Inspections, Health/Safe Environment Data, Training, Project Record Documents, Warranties, OEM Manuals, will be on your closeout index all hyperlinked to all their corresponding documentation. You now can simply transfer this document to your facilities manager to file and reference later.

Blue Lynk’s integration with Owner Insite makes finding information easy for every team member on your construction project. Utilizing this will allow teams to be more time and cost efficient during the construction phase of your project, and carry it through to the occupancy phase. Teams will have immediate access to important documents and assets, through this all-in-one continuous solution that allows you to have a true living, breathing document at the end of your project.

The integration will work on any project that you have in Owner Insite, reach out to us to find out more about how we can help your team!

ICYMI: Construction Project Data

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