Owner InSite is as EASY as Email – Yes, Really!

When you started your career, your passion for creating and building probably did not include complicated training courses and 5-inch manuals on how to use project management software. Right? What if there was software that was intuitive, powerful, and affordable? Well, you found it.

Owner InSite is intuitive – You’re in the construction industry and you deserve to focus on that, not wondering what to click next.  Better yet? Your team will be able to use the software easily and won’t be calling you with numerous questions.

This comprehensive software provides everything you need to communicate effectively. Respond instantly from your own email account without logging in to Owner InSite and keep the approval process moving.

When it comes to choosing software, why would you make a business decision based on a slick salesperson showing you how their screen can move around in fancy ways? Sometimes, easy and simple IS better.  Owner InSite is affordable but that does not mean less powerful or less efficient. Our philosophy is the more users on a project, the better the communication. That’s why we charge per project, not per user.

“Owner InSite is the full service project management software that allows Owners to see documents from feasibility Studies all the way thru Maintenance Manuals. Rather than utilizing numerous programs, O-I is one stop shopping that included planning, budgeting, preconstruction, permitting, construction and closeout to happen in the same program. Utilizing only one program is advantageous for all parties.

One of the biggest benefits and advantages of Owner InSite is the extremely quick and professional support that is offered. O-I is available by talking to a qualified person or thru email, and every time there is an issue I get an immediate response. If the issue can’t be addressed right away, I was given a timeframe when the issue would be resolved and every time the issue has been corrected sooner than expected. I have even worked directly with Steve Harper, the CEO, you rarely find a person in Steve’s position work with you to correct an issue and then follow up to make sure I was satisfied.”

—Mike M.   General Contractor, Boston, MA

Owner InSite has the power to make construction management easy!

Learn more about Owner InSite’s four basic plans and pricing levels, from single job to basic, advanced and elite level construction management. You’ll find all the details you need to weigh your options and make the choices that are right for your project. Find out more about Owner InSite today!